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DMs and GMs Found! - THATCamp Games 2013
  • DMs and GMs Found!

    THATCamp Games will offer three concurrent workshop tracks, with each track containing at least one n00b session. In this way, campers of various experience can mix and match to best meet their interests.


    The three tracks are:

    • Cardboard Hacks: a space for analog (board, card, dice) game creation and discussion
    • Digital Hacks: a space for all your digital game needs
    • Course Hacks: a space to investigate the application of games in the classroom and turning the classroom into a game

    If you have an idea for a workshop in one of these areas, please contact us at tcg2013@gmail.com. Additionally, if you like to suggest a possible workshop, please leave a comment on our BootCamps page.


  1. David Graham says:

    The URL above for bootcamps is inccorect. It goes currently to a 404 page. I believe the link should be ‘http://2013.thatcampgames.org/bootcamp/’ instead of ‘http://2013.thatcampgames.org/bootcamps/’

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