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Course Content as RPG - THATCamp Games 2013
  • Course Content as RPG

    Cardboard Hack Session 2 – 1:10pm-3:10pm
    Laura Zucconi, Stockton College

    The workshop will introduce key concepts for running a live classroom RPG (role playing game) with discussion as to how they correlate with traditional humanities content and integration with digital humanities. Development of rudimentary game mechanics and confidence in being a Game Master are the goals. Participants should bring a list of learning objectives and content they would like to convey in RPG form. During the workshop, we will work on the development of characters, skills, quest/scenario building, and integration of digital technology.

    Laura Zucconi is an Associate Professor of History at Richard Stockton College. Her research interests are religion and medicine in the ancient world, archaeology, and the development of technology in the music industry as well as the use of games in education. She is currently working under an NEH grant to develop the digital RPG Pox & the City and she is creating a classroom RPG for use in music classes. Laura is a forum member of Reacting to the Past: role-playing games based on classic texts and The Education Arcade.

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