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Can we make a test fun? - THATCamp Games 2013
  • Can we make a test fun?

    Cardboard Hack Session 3 – 3:20pm-5:10pm
    Eric Church, Senior Game Designer, BreakAway Games

    All games are continuously assessing players – this is true of both video games and board games. Games can also take the stress out of assessment and this makes games the perfect platform for testing knowledge. The problem is that effective games also provide constant feedback, leaving assessment mixed with learning, making summative assessment difficult. The workshop will explore how to make a game for assessment. We will look at the hurdles to effectively building assessment into a game and explore solutions to those hurdles. During the workshop we’ll start you on the way to making a game that makes taking (and giving) a test more fun and less stressful for everyone.

    Eric Church is a Senior Game Designer at BreakAway Games. Eric has spent the last 6 years designing games and simulations for training, exploration, collaboration and assessment. His designs have addressed fields ranging from medicine to sales to education. Before making games for learning, Eric spent 12 years making entertainment games, designing games that were PlayStation and Xbox best-sellers. Eric is now interested in the sources of motivation in games, looking for ways to translate game mechanics to other purposes, including learning and assessment.

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