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Modding the LMS: There Is No Spoon - THATCamp Games 2013
  • Modding the LMS: There Is No Spoon

    Course Hack Session 1 – 9:15am-10:30am
    Gerol Pertuzella, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

    Learning Management Systems often have a reputation as “walled gardens”: safe, pre-structured spaces where creativity is squished into carefully curated, predefined interactions. This workshop will give you a chance to explore a course which laughs in the face of LMS limitations, and a chance to share and learn about ways to use the structure of an LMS (Canvas) without obeying its limits. To participate fully, workshoppers should sign up for a free 2-week trial Canvas account (http://acme.instructure.com/register). For viewing course content, any device (including phones and phablets) is fine – Canvas has an app for both iOS and Android; though I recommend the browser interface on a laptop for any robust tinkering you may wish to try.

    Gerol Petruzella is the Coordinator of Academic Technology, and adjunct philosophy instructor, at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. His academic background is a cocktail of philosophy (Ph.D.) and classical languages (M.A.), shaken (not stirred) with copious amounts of speculative fiction and webcomics. He has developed Dungeons & Discourse, a 100-level ARG philosophy course in which the curriculum does not include games – the curriculum is the game. He’s on Twitter as @gpetruzella and online at mcla.digication.com/GerolPetruzella

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