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Session Proposals - THATCamp Games 2013
  • Session Proposals


    It’s time to get ready for THATCamp Games 2013! If you haven’t made your travel plans, we have some suggestions on our travel page. You can also use Twitter or the Teamwork Forum to find potential room or ride shares.

    But remember, this isn’t a traditional conference, and there’s no need to prepare a paper or presentation. Instead, use this blog to propose a session around ideas in technology, humanities and games that you’d like to share, discuss, debate, hack and build during the course of our weekend. There are great suggestions for proposing sessions on the THATCamp main site and at the Original THATCamp Games site (Pages 1 through 5).

    Feel free to get started now! If you are a participant, you should have your account information in your email–-check your spam folder or email us if you have any concerns. And, PLEASE, don’t forget to fill out the questionnaire, as we need your t-shirt size and attendance plans!

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