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Making Interactive Texts in the Classroom - THATCamp Games 2013
  • Making Interactive Texts in the Classroom

    Next fall, I’m teaching a course on Interactive Narrative for the first time. The course will involve both examining electronic literature and games (the boundaries between which are questionable and oft debated) and making games and interactive texts of various kinds. I’d love to talk with others who are using tools like these in the classroom.

    In particular, I’m looking at tools for text-based interactive storytelling like:

    There are lots of things I’m thinking about as I design this class that I’d love to discuss with others who use these platforms. How do we approach text-based tools with students whose image of digital media is often very visual? What can we do with essay-writing and reflective writing using some of these same tools? How can we expand the ways students link building in these texts with acts of creativity and scholarship drawing from across disciplines? What do fair and flexible rubrics for grading work on these platforms look like?

    I’ve worked with all these platforms and taught with some of them, particularly Inform 7 in a Game Concept and Design class that served as a prototype for this new course, so I’m happy to share resources–I’d also love to hear about other options people have used or hope to use in the future.

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  1. Joe Murphy says:

    This sounds similar to an idea for a session I’d been trying to flesh out, with the difference being that my target audience is faculty members whom I’d like to encourage to write IF for their classrooms. (It seems like this would be an interesting way to consider simulations or counter-factuals in a disciplinary context, for example.)

    2 other tools for your list which come to my mind are the StoryNexus environment
    and the Moodle “Lesson” tool. (Other LMSs presumably also have “tutorial” tools, which to me share many formal elements with multiple-choice format IF.)

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