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Have games will travel - THATCamp Games 2013
  • Have games will travel

    Many of you have likely seen the list of games out of my library that will be available for play. It’s a decent list, plenty of fantastic games. But, it is not comprehensive. I know there are plenty of favorites absent. If you are planning on bringing a game to play, either during the Friday and Saturday open time, or for the Sunday Open Play Session, please let me know and I’ll add it to the LIST. It would be helpful (i.e., save me time) if you could email a pdf of the rulebook as well fo inclusion in the Rulebook LIBRARY.

    The comments section of this post is also probably as good a place as any to solicit a group to play a particular game.



  1. Joe Murphy says:

    I would love to get a game of Castle Panic together; I’m happy to bring it along. I suspect it would be interesting to consider as a pedagogical model, since it’s a collaborative us-against-the-game game instead of a pure competition.

    Rules: http://www.firesidegames.com/downloads/CP_Rulesweb.pdf

  2. David Graham says:

    I will bring some of the cooperative games in my collection. I have used them in my numerous roles over the years as a team building activity.

    Some of them games I can bring;

    Caves and Claws
    Escape: The curse of the temple
    Star Trek: Expeditions

    While not a coop game, a game that may be interesting as a subject in higher education is Nuclear War. I can bring that card game too.

  3. David Graham says:

    Admin if interested I have a large box full of random game components have used in my Game company and my last employers for team builders.

    They may b helpful a some of the breakout sessions. Let me know if you want me to bring I too.

  4. Michelle Lyons-McFarland says:

    I’ll bring curse the darkness and A Tragedy in Five Acts for play. I’ll also see if I can bring Forbidden Island, Fiasco, and Our Last Best Hope. I’ll get as many rules PDFs together for this as I can, but I’ll have to email them later tonight.

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