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Christie Allison - THATCamp Games 2013

Christie  Allison

  • Title / Position: Online Teacher, Doc Student
  • Organization: MN Online High School, Kent State U
  • Twitter: @GameOfWits

I have been playing role-playing games for 20 years but my interests became my resesarch when, in 2006, I was diagnosed with cancer. Feeling tired, sick and overwhelmed in the middle of graduate classes and chemotherapy, I started playing WoW. I began to feel whole and healthy. I took a look at all my sped and learning theories and realized that students who felt disabled, sick, challenged and failures found a place of wholeness and success in the invisible scaffolding of the virtual gaming worlds. I have published one chapter of a book on socializing in virtual games to my credit but I am much more proud of my 6 year old, level 87 dwarf hunter. Nowadays, I build learning areas to help my students find ways to transition their gaming success to an adult world of "in-real-life" goals.