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Chris Sanyk - THATCamp Games 2013

Chris  Sanyk

  • Title / Position: Game Developer
  • Organization: sole proprietor
  • Website: csanyk.com
  • Twitter: @csanyk

Chris Sanyk has been an aspiring game designer since shortly after he picked up his first joystick in the early 1980's. Christmas 1980 gave him the opportunity to grow up with video games as games themselves grew up, and he still thinks old school and retro gaming is where it is at.

Since 2010, he has developed his own projects using GameMaker, and participated in weekend jams organized by Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare. He has delivered two talks on game development at the Notacon 8 and 9 conferences, and has contributed technical review to two yet-unreleased Packt Publishing books on Game Maker. He blogs about game development and releases his works on his web site, http://csanyk.com