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Emily Boss - THATCamp Games 2013

Emily  Boss


Studied economics and social theory at UMass Amherst. Design, play and analyze face-to-face role playing games. Exposed to Nordic styles of play. Interested in narrative analysis of games, educational applications, live styles of play.

  • Using Analog Games for Education: a dialogue between designers and educators


    We are analog game designers, who have designed tabletop and live role playing games, as well as board games. We’re interested in helping educators design these games for their use in the classroom and in other educational venues. However, it would help us to better be able to understand more about the needs of educators and their students, and the parameters of design associated with educational settings. Come help us create some shared language and approaches to help both sides of the equation work together better.


    Emily Care Boss and Epidiah Ravachol are independent role playing game designers who have published tabletop and live role playing games. Epidiah published the Ennie Award winning game Dread with The Impossible Dream. His other games may be found at Dig 1000 Holes. Emily has appeared as Guest of Honor at Ropecon and Fastaval, and has written on role playing games and their workings in Playground Worlds, Immersive Gameplay and elsewhere. Her games can be found at Black & Green Games.