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Michelle Lyons-McFarland - THATCamp Games 2013

Michelle  Lyons-McFarland

  • Title / Position: Graduate student
  • Organization: Case Western Reserve University
  • Twitter: @ladyanaka

I'm a 1st year PhD student in the English department at Case Western Reserve University. I'm also a gamer and game designer, and I've worked in the tabletop RPG industry since 2000. I am part owner of a new game company, Growling Door Games, and as such I'm interested in ways to incorporate my studies with my side work. My academic interests are 18th century British literature, gothic literature, composition, and things

  • Session Proposal: What Needs to be in a Pedagogical Game?


    So, I have a game I’ve just finished called A Tragedy in Five Acts, which focuses on the formula of Shakespeare’s tragedies and recreating that through a play experience. I’d like to release a version that’s more specifically geared toward pedagogy, but one of the questions I’m running into is, “what would go into a pedagogical version? Is it even necessary?” I’d like to talk about the difference (if any) between a game intended for entertainment and a game intended for teaching, whether or not there’s anything useful in creating that difference, and what sorts of things that difference might entail.