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Jennifer Loudiana - THATCamp Games 2013

Jennifer  Loudiana

  • Title / Position: Eduction & Training Specialist
  • Organization: CWRU
  • Twitter: @jenster500

I am the Education & Training Specialist in ITS for CWRU. I have a background in administration/office managerment, higher Ed and I.T.. In my role at CWRU I teach the campus community how to use Enterprise ITS products such as Google, Adobe Connect and Blackboard to name a few. I have a Liberal Arts degree and a graduate degree in Higher Ed Administration and Student Personnel.

I love computer games that are simple like Asteroids, pong, Bejeweled Blitz as well as any kind of trivia game like Song Pop or Are you Smarter Than a Fifth grader which I play on my ipad. I like table games to play with kids like Left Right Center, checkers, UNO Attack.