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Patty Ni - THATCamp Games 2013

Patty  Ni

  • Title / Position: Media/Motion Graphics Artist
  • Organization: Case Western Reserve University
  • Website: patty-ni.com
  • Twitter: @PattyYNi

My background is in biomedical art, which means I like to draw dead things. Aside from drawing people, corpses and animals, my interests lie in utilizing media to enhance medicine, healthcare and patient education. At Case, I work closely with faculty from other departments to create and organize interactive publications and apps that would demonstrate their research and proposals in new and innovative ways. Sprinkle a little motion graphics on the side and that explains "me" in a nutshell. I have a penchant for cooking and playing the ukulele, and I absolutely refuse to play WOW. If I could have a candlelit dinner with anyone in the world, I would totally pick Betty White. She's a national treasure!