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tcg2013 - THATCamp Games 2013

THATCamp  Games

  • Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!


    I’ve been to a few multi-day THATCamps. The last day can sometimes be a bit “participant sparse.” We hope that TCG2013 participants will stay for our Sunday events. We’re planning:


    • Part II of our Digital Game Design workshop
    • Part II of our Boardgame Design workshop
    • Part II of our Course Design workshop
    • A Meetup.com event: Gameplay @ THATCamp (yep. we’re going to let local gamers know you’re here)

    With the additional time and assistance, we hope that participants are able to develop their ideas a bit more than is possible with one session. Attendee game-jammers might consider creating a product for submission to the “Proceedings of THATCamps”

    Regardless, we hope that you are all able to make arrangements to stay! As an aside, it would be helpful to us to know if you do plan to stay. If you could include that in your User Profile it would be much appreciated.

    In addition, for those of you arriving on Thursday, we will kick off the THATCamp Games weekend with a presentation by Anastasia Salter titled “Gaming for a Classroom (R)evolution: Transforming Learning through Play.” If you are planning on being here, please join us.

  • Get Your Game On!


    Registration is now open for THATCamp Games 2013!


    We have spots available for up to 100 TCG2013 participants. Registration will remain open until those spots are filled and we have a few names for the wait list.  The previous THATCamp Game spots filled up quickly, so register early.

    Click the button on the right to reach the registration form.

  • DMs and GMs Found!


    THATCamp Games will offer three concurrent workshop tracks, with each track containing at least one n00b session. In this way, campers of various experience can mix and match to best meet their interests.


    The three tracks are:

    • Cardboard Hacks: a space for analog (board, card, dice) game creation and discussion
    • Digital Hacks: a space for all your digital game needs
    • Course Hacks: a space to investigate the application of games in the classroom and turning the classroom into a game

    If you have an idea for a workshop in one of these areas, please contact us at tcg2013@gmail.com. Additionally, if you like to suggest a possible workshop, please leave a comment on our BootCamps page.

  • THATCamp Games 2013 is coming…


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    Occasionally a small note will flit across your screen.


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