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Tom Donelan - THATCamp Games 2013

Tom  Donelan


I'm a lifetime resident of Greater Cleveland with a 25 year career in consumer products marketing. I bought Heartland Consumer Products 4 years ago and we introduced our first game -- Square Shooters -- in 2011. Been married for 20 years with 3 kids, including a young man with autism. Aside from game design, I enjoy time with my family...

  • Cards on Dice? A New Gaming System From CLE

    The Square Shooters Dice

    The Square Shooters Dice


    Square Shooters cards-on-dice could be the most overdue gaming invention of all time.  Dice pre-date written history.  Playing cards have been “in play” for more than 1,000 years. These patented dice produce every card face from a standard deck (including 2 jokers) on the 54 surfaces of nine special dice.  The dice are patented with the ability to achieve the goals of games like poker and rummy:  every 4-of-a-kind, rummy run, straight flush and royal flush.


    Heartland Consumer Products — a Cleveland-area company — has already published one game that features the dice.  But beyond the game design opportunities are endless.  We have the chance to re-write playing card history using dice.  Our belief is that it’s best to “open source” the design of games and let a thousand flowers bloom.


    Our session would be an introduction to this new platform, a review of our online game design forum, and an open discussion about game design possibilities.